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Animals that can live with dart frogs ?

Are there any geckos that can live with dart frogs? I have a 36x18x24 vivarium that houses 2 dart frogs. It is heavily planted with orchards and ferns, has a waterfall and a pond (they are separate water features). I keep the temp at 70-75 year round and the humidity at 85-90%. The frogs are perfectly happy but really only use the ground and do a little climbing (OK, one climbs all over, but as an activity, it never stays high). So, I thought I would add something that lives off the ground. I feel wingless fruit flies, with the occasional treat of pin head crickets.

Quick answer - No, not really.

Also, your enclosure is too small to support that proposition IMO.

Crickets are a problematic feeder animal for most darts and should not be introduced in the same enclosure.


Your photoperiod, humidity and possibly temperature would be very hard to bring together to satisfy both the frog and the lizard. Even anolis that are found in the same general area as dart frogs occupy a dissimilar niche.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Lepidodactylus lugubris is a possibility if you are dead-set on housing geckos with your frogs. Just be ready to cull eggs (they are prolific). Honestly though, you are better off just enjoying your frogs by themselves.

-Field Smith
Some frogs...

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