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What plastics/tubing are actually safe?
Hi, I'm going to be building a vivarium (36L x 18D x 24H, species yet to be decided) after being out of the hobby for quite some time, and had some questions regarding what's safe to actually use in the tank. The seem to be a number of posts about the dangers of certain plastics to the long term health/reproduction of the frogs, but I can't sort out what is actually safe, not safe, might be safe, or we have no idea. Using the search function has largely left me more confused than I was prior to using it. My specific questions -

Eggcrate - it's plastic, but tons of people use it for false bottoms. Is there any particular type that's safe, is it safe only if the water doesn't ever recirculate into the tank, is it all safe?

PVC pipe - used for spacers for false bottoms, plumbing for dripwalls, etc. I know it can leach vinyl chloride, is that not important, can it be used for spacers only with no tank recirculation, etc? Does it need to be soaked first/cleaned with some substance?

Tubing for a waterfall/water feature - only aquarium tank tubing? Is the black tubing from a hydroponics store ok? (I know all the arguments about not recommending water features, but I'm interested in knowing safe products to use in one should I decide to do so regardless).

The little mesh plastic planting pots people embed into great stuff backgrounds - are they safe?

Thanks in advance!

I think plastics and egg / tadpole - the formative stages are what we need to be extra careful with. All the viv stuff that you mention above is no big deal for worrying over IMHO.

All of your plastic items you mention above are commonly and widely used, so no worries there.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thank you. Just to be clear - are you saying they are all considered safe period, or just safe if there are no eggs/tadpoles present? As in it would still be ok if breeding occurs in the tank? Sorry if these questions seem pedantic, I just want to make sure I'm actually clear on the concept.
I think we can say - 'Safe for the tank". Tadpoles that are deposited in a corner with water that flows over PVC and has gone thru aquarium store plastic tubing are not worth worrying about either.

The only plastic issue that I ever worry about is the tiny confines of a plastic bin or random dish where the egg or tadpole is confined to the plastic and is literally basting in whatever is leached off the plastic (into the water).

The HUGE 'no no' in my personal book is / are those plastic tool or bits like screw and nails, compartment trays and modular stacking bins. Some people LOVE the idea of creating a tadpole condominium with those things and there no doubt that they are not food safe and are made in China. Terrifying.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks again. I had actually read that one, and your comment on May 13 recommending absolutely no plastics at all was got me wondering what was safe, I didn't infer you mention only for tadpole rearing. As I'd just purchased black hydroponics tubing, eggcrate, and PVC, there was a brief "are you kidding me" moment, perhaps mixed with a touch of silent profanity :oops: . Thanks for the help.
People boil leaves, microwave fruit fly media, bleach plants, prophylactically treat frogs, consider buying an autoclave....if you worry enough about every little thing, ya won't want to leave your

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
......owner of dart den advises... best way to achieve success in hobby... never leave house again.



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