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Tilting tadpole cups ?

How does everyone tilt there cups on a 45
Looking for the best way without a rack
Any pictures would be great


Here's how I tend to my morphing tadpoles:

1. When I see front legs or know that they are on the verge of "popping" I will move the tadpole from it's 32 oz container to a 2 oz deli cup with just a little bit of it's water.

2. I leave just enough water in the cup to barely cover the tadpole.

3. I find one of my grow out tanks that has room and lean the cup against a leave, moss, etc. so that it's around 45 degrees and the frog has room to climb out of the water in the cup or climb out of the cup.

4. I check on the cups daily and will pour out water from cups that I feel that I left a little too full.

[Image: P1050339_zps0ad61215.jpg]

[Image: P1050340_zpsbd2a1016.jpg]

[Image: P1050341_zps252b338d.jpg]

Looks good are these thumbnails
I have tincs would you recommend the same because they are bigger

In the pictured tank I've got mostly red Adelphobates galactonotus and a couple of Powder Blue and Matecho tincs.

I do this with all of my tadpoles, even the ones I raise communally.

I do the same except raise the tads in 16oz cups and transfer them to 4oz. Same difference though.


I use a morph chamber. Which is a small Rubbermaid type bin, part land, part water, tilted at an angle. Just after tads pop front legs I put them in the morph chamber.


I use the same method as Jon above ^^

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How to keep tadpoles? i have 32 tadpoles and keep them in a medium size storage countaner that i washed out in hot water and put some rocks in so when they grow legs they can climb up but my question is how do i keep them healthy.

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