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Utah Law?

I had a guy today tell me that the frogs i own."Dart Frogs" Are Illegal too own in Utah. Told me i better take my pics down and everything. Anyone know if this law is true?
I can not find anything online that says you can not own Darts!
I don't think i could give them up even if they are!! :evil:

I read through the laws a week or two ago. Darts are considered "non controlled" amphibians or frogs, depending on the law. You can import and sell through legal channels and breed a specific number of progeny without obtaining a permit.
I wouldn't imagine that the state would get too crazy about darts, though. They're mostly harmless and noninvasive here.

Mostly Pums & Thumbs

Hmm..Utah has a lot of hobbyist with dart frogs....a lot.I think I remember reading something - that they were NOT illegal to own but there were some sale or display restrictions.

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The only thing I can add is to check your state F&W website very carefully.
Here in Florida dart frogs are not illegal to own or breed. However anyone displaying, exhibiting, or selling dart frogs, must obtain a class III permit from the state. It really makes me wonder how many of my fellow Florida hobbyists that sell froglets have really obtained the necessary legal permit. :?:


Thanks Guys..

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