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California Collection up for sale.make me an offer!

Im in California looking to part ways with my collection,

There are some proven pairs in here with tads already to go.
2xAzureus Pair
True Sips pair
4x cobalts subs adults
5 Benidicta
Trio Citronella
3x Reticulatus
Thumbnailseach Varadero Imitators
4 super blue auratus
1 Black Auratus
4 Auratus Bronze
3 Sirensis

8 planted tanks supplies ect
A lot to list but a lot more
Also I have a giant-orange regina pair

Just a . O2 you would be better off selling them separately than all at once.


What is the price and will you ship?

Please follow the format in our sales sticky. Ie.. Age, lineage, precise terms of Proven vs sexed etc. Indicate if you will ship or not and how you prefer to ship. Also indicate price range. These are common courtesies.

DD Moderator

Scott - North Dallas

Hi I'm interested in the Cobalts I'll probably take 2 let me know the price I'm in Socal oc .

Will you ship??

Where in cali are you?

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