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Terribillis froglets and sub adults, Various other froggies!
P. Terribillis "orange"
Line: SNDF
Age: 2m +
Quantity: 4
Price: $55 each or all 4 for $200
[Image: ot_zps6c1540bf.jpg]

P. Terribillis "Yellow"
Line: European blood line/ Stewart
Age: 2m+
Quantity: 4 for sale
Price: $50 each or all 4 for $190
[Image: yt_zpsb46c426f.jpg]

Species: D. Leucomela Standard
Line: Brians tropicals/Nabors
Age: 2m +
Price $25 each or $20 each if u get 5 or more
[Image: anconhills002_zpsb38377dc.jpg]

Species: Phyllobates Terribillis Mints
Line: SNDF
Age: 10m oow
Price $70 each or $175 for all 3
[Image: anconhills001_zpsee48901b.jpg]

Species:R. Sirensis 'Orange'
Line: Nabors
Age: 5 months
Price: $60 for both
[Image: frogs001_zps26289d08.jpg]

Shipping Via UPS or Fed Ex overnight to local hub "only". As weather permits. Payment thru pay pal. For live guarantee the frogs have to be shipped to your local hub. Serious inquires only. Frogs will not be held without payment.
All frogs have been sold.

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