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Feeding after front legs pop ?
Do you stop feeding after the front legs pop?
And when do you start again ?
i stop feeding right after the front legs pop. i don't start feeding again till after a few days after the tail has fully absorbed.
If they have already popped fronts there's no reason to feed until the tail has been fully absorbed, as mentioned.
When I find an easy removal candidate from parents' tanks , after the tad with fronts popped has been pulled from the parent viv I place it into a stage 1. grow out viv. Stage one is for the smallest and youngest morphing and morphed froglets.
All of my grow out vivs have years and of years of calcium build up from being established for so long. And just as important for little obligates is the fact that there are huge amounts of established micro-fauna so that as soon as the froglets want food, be they freshly morphed or months old, they have tons of small food stuffs, high in calcium to choose from .
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Cool thanks for the info
Nice to ask a guess and within hours you have a answer
That's what this forum is all about - Quick answers and help !

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