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GD Basti--only $400 each !
This guy is trying to sell a GD basti trio for $1,200! Poor things have substrate stuck to them because the humidity/moisture is too low. I emailed him regarding this. Cry ... de=1006369
"I'm doin fine, fine out here in Ventucky,
with the hogs and my dogs and my frogs and my baby and me"
(adapted from Randy Houser song)
oh noes...not Ken F. again ! He's supposedly an awesome guy and very learned about Reptiles and Herpetoculture, but man oh man is he off base with Dart Frogs. I thought I talked to him on the phone about the mixed species promotion that his Vegas store was doing, maybe not. I'd love to help catch him up on the current Dart Frog hobby nonetheless. Not a bad guy - just not up to 'dart speed' is all.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Poor frogs, they look so sad. And they will remain so for 1200 dollars...

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