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Lesions/Ulcers on hands and feet

Hello all,
Thank you for allowing me to converse with you all. I have had a terrarium set up for 7 1/2 months with great success Big Grin! I have a citronella tinc., an azurean, a glactonotus, and two auratus of different morphs. I heard putting in predatory nematodes can kill any potential bugs. Although I had not seen any bugs or mites I decided to try the nematodes and was assured that no harm would occur to my froggies. Well several days later I noticed small (smaller than a pinhead) white wounds, ulcer-like on the feet, hind and front and a couple on the limbs of the tinc and azurean. They all appear to be doing well, eating and hopping, no listless behavior, however, for their protection, I have decided to remove all the frogs, housing them in separate tuperware containers and treating them for their sores. I was also assured the nematodes last for only 4-6 weeks, so I am hoping to return them at that time and wait to notice any new sores. Has anyone heard of these lesions? If they're bacterial what can I use to treat them at home? Can it be the killer fungus, Chytrid? What should I do?

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