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Shedding skin questions
While I knew that dart frogs shed their skin, I was not prepared to see Splotch this morning all puffed up, gaping like a fish, and scraping at itself with both hind legs! Happily, Googling "dart frog opening and closing mouth" led to descriptions and videos that assuaged any budding panic. (Also that once it was over, the frog was back to hunting and eating like nothing had happened.)

I have two questions about shedding. First, I saw a reference to dart frogs' "morning shed." How frequently do they shed and is it indeed always in the morning? I did turn the light on a couple of hours earlier than usual, so I have no idea if this happens every morning and I miss it, or if this was potentially the first time.

Second, I've taken care of another creature that could come to harm while shedding, if it went wrong somehow. Now this was an invertebrate, a triops shedding its exoskeleton, but it did make me wonder whether there is any way that dart froglets shedding can go wrong.
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interesting questions. I rarely see my frogs shedding, so maybe they do 'prefer' odd hours to perform it.

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I have noticed my frogs shed a lot and everytime it has been in the early am hours before the lights come on. The first time i noticed it i had walked into my frog room getting something from the cabinet. The rack lights were off but I had the room lights on and as i walked past a viv one of my tincs was sitting at the front of the glass making the same gooble gooble mouth movement and pulling the skin over the top of his head with his legs. From what i have read they shed each day in the morning. I do not think there would be any way for things to go bad, have never heard of it, but cant say for sure.
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Darts typically shed in the morning hours, and will do it more often as froglets and juveniles. Excessive shedding behavior can be symptomatic of health issues, but as long as it happens earlier in the light cycle, it is likely a normal process.

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