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Golden Galact Pictures
Just wanted to share a few pictures of my golden galacts(solid orange) I picked up. Only got to take two before my camera battery died, so I will be posting more soon. They are in their QT tank until fecals go in and come back. I have one I did not get a photo of that is really cool looking pastel yellow. One of my favorite frogs in my collection for sure. Enjoy.
Throw in a few film cans in the shaded spots of their permanent viv.

Cindy told me this was one of her tricks for getting them to breed like crazy.

Good luck with them!
What some see as death, others see as beauty.

Thanks Casper, I will be sure to try that. I have to say, them fitting in a film can seems impossible lol. Full grown they are some of the biggest darts I have had and mine currently are about 9 months or so and are bigger than some of my adult tincs. A running stream worked for me when I had them before. I will def try the film cans though because they are not the easiest frogs to get going
Some more pics of these guys... and my frog room protector.[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]

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