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11 & 13 watt Jungle dawns® a tight fit in exo terra 24" hood

Hi Folks,
It has come to my attention the sturdier, 300 degree rotating bases make the new model 11 & 13w Jungle Dawns® a snug fit in some types of hoods.

I am going to see if they can be tweaked to be made a few millimeters shorter in the next manufacturing run....

But in the meantime,
if you are using an exo terra 24" hood and want to put the 11 & 13 watt Jungle Dawns in them... please see pic.

They are THE SAME length overall, it is the "neck" of the new stronger bases that has changed...
making screwing them in sort of a tight affair. :o

But all is well if you have 3 min. and the skills to wield a Phillips number two screw driver!
Big Grin
Please see pic and as always please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.
Thank you!

Please click on below photos to enlarge for detail.

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