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For Sale -pumilio, sylvs, and other provens

Pains me to do this, but willing to break out the collection individually, shipping will be through SYR buyer pays actual cost, at the start ill try and do free packing materials but im not sure how fast ill be able to get boxes put together. I know there will be multiple people wanting the same frog and im going to pick to one who buys the most amount of frogs. this i your chance to add a few good frogs to your collection before the winter hits! all frogs are fat and healthy, even have tons of froglets to sell as well but ill save that until the end. Feel free to PM and ill try to answer promptly but understand i already know that there will be a lot of interest so please be patient. you can also email me at

2012 Rio Terbie 1.1 proven $400
2012 rambala 1.1 tads seen $450
CB UE Sisa 1.1 very proven $500
CB UE Sisa 1.1 very proven $500
CB San Cristobal 1.2 proven $400
Escudo*1.1 $500
CB 0.1 Bastimentos $100
esperanza 0.3 $330
Loma Partida 1.2 very proven $550
Loma Est. 1.1 proven $550
CB colons 1.0.2 $500
CB solarte 1.1 proven* $400
CB UE Borja Ridge*1.1 very proven $230
CB Orange 75% Galac 2.0 $120
UE 1.1 Elcope VERY proven $200
CB Mint teribilis from Cali 0.0.4 20 months old $320
2012 Sylvatica Alto Tambo 1.1 proven* $3,500
2012 Sylvatica Bilsa 2.1 $2,500
UE Sylvatica Paru 1.1 eggs $1,800
UE Sylvatica Paru 1.1 eggs $1,800

motydesign;1491105 Wrote:ok this was a quick shoot of the room, not all photos are amazing and i dont feel a singe shot does any of the frogs color justice.

[Image: alto_zpse7ce2e98.jpg]
[Image: alto1_zps9a1c3b9a.jpg]

Bilsa 1 female
[Image: bilsa2_zps9242a50a.jpg]
[Image: bilsa2_zpsbe981bc7.jpg]

bilsa 2
[Image: bilsa3_zps174a0968.jpg]
[Image: bilsa3_zps43e09f3c.jpg]

[Image: bilsa4_zpsb45dcd7d.jpg]

sisa 1
[Image: basi_zpscf85762a.jpg]

[Image: sisa2_zpsd1de8e0f.jpg]

sisa 3
[Image: sisa_zps05eb265a.jpg]

motydesign;1491113 Wrote:popa
[Image: popa_zps428fb9a4.jpg]

paru 1 female
[Image: paru1_zpsa8749463.jpg]

paru 2 male
[Image: paru2_zps28104f47.jpg]

paru 3 female
[Image: paru3_zps890353d6.jpg]

mint (pic doesnt show big they are hahaha)
[Image: mint_zps5009668a.jpg]

Loma Est.
[Image: mfle_zps3646ce1f.jpg]
[Image: fle_zps09de6e08.jpg]
male ryan (male is prettier than female just couldnt get the shot)
[Image: mryan_zps986ae72b.jpg]

female ryan
[Image: fryan_zps517562d1.jpg]

motydesign;1491121 Wrote:cristo... i have i think 9 or 10 now
[Image: mcristo_zpscf3e5169.jpg]

female rio ter.
[Image: frio_zpse741f659.jpg]

female basti
[Image: basti_zps9cef341e.png]

female escudo
[Image: fescudo_zpsef2bb48c.jpg]

rich frye male escudo (before you try to flame me for have never bought from you just think of the Utah frogger that got a 1.1 that turned out to be a 2.0)
[Image: mecudo_zps734dd943.jpg]

motydesign;1491137 Wrote:esperanza
[Image: eperaza_zps09c920a1.jpg]

[Image: colon1_zps7a488cac.jpg]

[Image: fsolarte_zpscacfcf64.jpg]

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