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VIDEO - Temp cage warning/ Pumillo


Some observations....
First of all the shoe boxes I use for QT/temp containers are at least a foot deep and 2 feet long, less chance of escapees (as seen in your video they climb the sides), mine are opaque in color along with the lid similar to yours. I use a bunch of leaf litter and pothos cuttings plus lightly mist them every day. While in QT I keep them in ambient light. Not sure why you would need a banana or vents in the top, if frogs are healthy they should be able to hunt for ffys and catch them especially while in QT or temp containers. If you open the container and mist lightly daily should not have any problems or need a vent plus the pothos helps. Not sure what the "warning" is. I have had countless frogs in QT for up to 3 mos plus while testing, no stress or weight loss...
I hope your friend does a proper QT and tests along with PCR for chytrid.


I was referring to that small shoe box. He has that small box to transport the frogs from frog day. People use bananas so the flies don't die off as fast and makes it easier for younger or sick frogs to eat, aswell as a feeding station. Everyone may not have room for a big shoe box, and me and him use those sizes because we may be in the building process. The WARNING is for people that use big pieces of Bananas in small shoe boxes that are air tight. The Banana lets off CO2 once it begins to rot, and that suffocates the frogs.

I am familiar with feeding stations, I do not use them and if in QT the frog's, if healthy should be able to hunt for ffys, the point is the shoebox is too small for a QT or temp container (if just for transporting them fine), still needs more leaf litter. There are only 2 mag leaves in there, no pothos, when so small, yes CO2 not to mention bacterial buildup. What is the duration of these frogs being held for pickup?
The video was posted, I gave my .02 it was not IME a proper QT enclosure.


Is it being too small a fact or your opinion? What if the frogs aren't healthy (which isn't the case here)? A few days. I really can't speak for the way he set up his shoebox. As stated before I'm warning the folks who do use the smaller temp boxes and bananas. To each is own though. People set up shoe box enclosures for all different reasons. IMO I would just get a 10 gallon tank instead of a big container.

Yep 10 g minimum bigger is better plus more mag leaves and pothos, why not take a video of "the proper way to set up a QT" instead of the banana trilogy with putting 3 pums in a plastic box the size of a pair of womens shoes size 7. How about vids on proper QT plus swabbing techniques for bd, not the banana "feeding station" warnings.


For one I've already done that. 2 once again that is not mine. The Frogs or the box doesn't belong to me. I use those for moss. I keep my froglets in 2.5 and 5 gallon fish tanks until they are ready to be sold or go into a bigger tank. Why not go over all 44 videos before telling me what to do.

Bradley, I agree with Beth here. LOVE your videos, but the shoebox size enclosure should only be a transport enclosure, especially for pumilio. IMO pumilio need a larger temp/q-tine tank and kept no more than one per.

Just my opinion keeping about 100 pumilio both WC and CB for a number of years.

here's a relevant thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6060&p=42829#p42829

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

The banana is a great warning - no problem there.

I just think we need to be extra careful with showcasing a small enclosure, even a temp...for pums. They just don't do well in small size boxes.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Didn't you guys hear me say I was using that shoe box to pick the frogs up from FROG DAY? Once again those are for the folks that use them for what ever reason. I don't use them anymore. A friend gave me the box to take frogs in and bring them back. THE FROGS AREN'T MINE. THE BOX ISN'T MINE OR WASN'T DESIGNED BY ME.

Reviewing the video.
You DO NOT want ventilation in a transporting container, nor a quarantine container. You are trying to create a stable environment and outside drier air, outside contaminants, outside ANYTHING which we do not want in the temp tank is only aided in getting in and changing our ideal conditions when holes are drilled in containers. This is without even touching on what may be inside that you don't want to contaminate outside animals...
There should be well more than enough air and all thing needed in a fully sealed temp container without the need for vents.
And, BTW, if you are looking to vent off CO2 (which is heavier than air) you will need to have vents low in the tub, not on top. But, as stated, no need for holes or fruit.
Putting "feeding stations" in vivs or temp containers only cause pecking orders and rotting fruit piles. There should be zero need for any feeding stations of any sort.
If the pums will be in that tub for more than a day or two I would suggest a few more hides such as film cans and/or quite a bit more leaf litter.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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RichFrye Wrote:If the pums will be in that tub for more than a day or two I would suggest a few more hides such as film cans and/or quite a bit more leaf litter.

I agree, plenty of hides, good temperature and humidity, and they do seem to like the film cans. Also, don't overfeed in temp containers, the frogs are probably alreday a little stressed, a bunch of flies crawiling on them will only add more stress. This isn't neccessarily aimed at you Bradley, just more of an informational post to help prevent any newer froggers from making some of these mistakes...

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