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Noob In The Dart World

Good morning all Smile
I am quite the noob in regards to PDF however, I am currently putting together a very small set up just to get the feel of things. I haven't researched as well as I did for my chameleons but what I did notice is that the care can be slightly different depending on what kind you're dealing with. I'm extremely familiar with sensitive animals since I have owned a total of 8 different species of chameleon. Thought I'd go a little deeper into my childhood dreams of owning exotic pets and try out one of my favorite jungle type creatures. Smile
Also, I know there's got to be a thread or topic on here somewhere about this but if anyone would care to share the essentials to owning a PDF such as "chameleons will only drink water from a drip so don't bother with a water dish" type of stuff, I would greatly appreciate it ^_^ Thanks guys!

Hi there Saokenji, and welcome to Dart Den !

These frogs are easy to keep and quite enjoyable. Here's the 'Beginner' subforum to get you started. Pay special attention to the stickied topics/threads. Read a LOT and then get back to us and post on anything that you need additional info on. We are here to help you be successful.




"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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