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Self feeder for Dart Frogs
I built a viv out of a glass door cooler about 6 months ago that turned out pretty cool, (cant figure out how to post photos yet, too many pix) anyhoo I built some self feeders consisting of a 32 ounce mason jar culture, a plastic lid for such (with escape proof vent in it), another plastic lid with vent and 3 each 1/4 inch holes drilled around the edge of vent. One 4 inch thin wall pvc pipe with slip on flat caps. Cut pvc long enough to house the 32 ounce mason jar. Drill 1/4 inch holes in the sides of the pipe and in the bottom cap (I don't drill holes in the top cap because I have a "rain forest" from the top and don't want water dripping in the culture). When culture blooms (I do this in the viv because it is so big) change the vented lid to the vented lid with 3 each 1/4 inch holes. Put the culture into the pvc housing and sit on the feeding area. The frogs hover around the enclosure waiting as the flies come out of the culture, then thru the holes in the housing sides. The culture last a long time as it is never overcrowded with flies and keeps the frogs happy 24/7. More frogs more housing. I will try to post photos.
Thanks. Onemetalknee
There has been a lot of talk of "self-feeders" in the past. While it might be okay if you were going on vacation for a's not good for long term use. Your feeders need to be dusted with supplements (such as Repashy Calcium Plus) regularly. If you use these "self-feeders" frequently, you will eventually have problems with your frogs...possibly even death. (Please research supplements.)
Yes mamm I think I have solved that problem also. New lid with screened vents around the edge, then one 1/4 inch hole in the center with a cap from a film canister(also with a 1/4 inch hole) glued to the jar lid with the flat side down so that the 1/4 inch holes match up. Put dust in the canister lid, flies crawl out the center hole, through the dust then out the 4 inch pvc canister?
(I have about a grand in the viv, whats another $5? lol
thanks for the guidance
Good stuff. All sorts of feeder innovations like this have been designed and posted over the years.

We refer to them all as 'vacation feeders', as they are really only good for 1-2 week excursions and cannot replace hand-feeding due to the need for all dart frogs to have powdered supplementation.

That said, if the flies are indeed coating themselves just may have something new there!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
The flies will not be able to coat themselves for any long period of time due to the fact the relative humidity will turn a nice dry pile of dust into a pile of goo.
If you want all that CO2 that the cultures will be constantly producing to make it's way out of the viv you will need to put plenty of vents on the bottom of the viv , as CO2 is heavier than air and sinks to the bottom of the viv.
You have almost zero O2 producing plants in there now, so the last point could be an issue soon-ish.
The first point will also become an issue after a period of time.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Also have a 10 gallon "pond" in the bottom portion with a 700 gph pump, runs a waterfall in the bottom with a line going to the top for a Rain forest effect through adjustable drippers (with on/off valve) had it full of bromiliads at first but was too much of a jungle and could not veiw the frogs. bottom pond is blocked off from the frogs with pvc lumber and weed barrier so the water returns to the pond but the frogs cannot drown. I have 4 clam shells under slow drippers at different levels that stay full for possible eggs/tadpoles. have two small fans in the top to keep the glass door from sweating, but the humidity stays about 78-85 %. 4 film canisters and 2 huts at various levels. Thanks for all of the info and pointers!

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