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Best container for Egg Incubation ?
What should I keep my eggs in?
I usually keep my eggs in the lid/petri dish they where laid in. I then put that into a plastic (Rubbermaid) shoe box that had dampened paper towels on the bottom. I like to keep the moisture high.

You are saying you would put the eggs in the petri dish into the shoe box, not the eggs by themselves in the shoebox?
Well,,, I usually take the eggs that are laying in a petri dish and put the petri dish into the plastic box. I'm sure people have different ways of doing it. This has worked for me in the past. I can keep an eye on the egs daily, high humidity, and easy to move for temperature adjustments.

So when you see they have hatched you then put them in water?

i've had the luck of raising a few clutches of eggs, i currently have 7 5 day old Green and Black Auratus eggs, and i am keeping them in a deli container, with small holes on he sides for air flow, with a small amount of water mixed with black water extract from , which deters and bad bacteria or fungus from developing. i just put the deli cup with the eggs into an empt humid vivarium, so they don't become too cold, but be sure to tilt the deli cup so the eggs aren't in the water. once the tads begin to energy tilt it less and less, and once they are free, depending on species you can raise them communally in about 1 inch of distilled water (which i also add a small amount of the black water extract to) and once they begin metamorphosis, tilt their encloser, placing a damp paper towel on the end out of the water, so they have something to crawl up on. This is how i raised my polys, and i've had great luck, hope this helps. Big Grin

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