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New to frogs, but not a newbie :P

Hey folks,

I set up a terrarium, just to have some carn. plants that I picked up from ACE. And I ended up thinking wow, I have a terrarium that is amazing, I have always wanted those little dart frogs, Now i have a terrarium, why not build one?! So, I've come to the conclusion that I do infact want to set up the aquarium into a terrarium, and i'm planning on going all out Smile.

Right now, the current set up is a 30gal, average aquarium, with lava rocks as my drainage then peat moss/perlite/soil combo for the substrate ontop of the screen coving the rocks.

I have 2 pitcher plants, but I went back to ACE and the lady was willing to give me a bunch of plants, no clue why. So I would really like to incorporate those into the design. But, I'm also aware that they should have winter dormancy, Will it be okay that they are in my terrarium.. without dormancy? I was thinking they would probably just get ugly, and brown Smile

I really like Jadedrapport's design, tek type thing if you will. I was planning on just using his materials, and making my own type of design just like he did. The thing for me is, Do i really need THAT much of a false bottom? And, if not.. what can i get away with? Can I possibly get away with a false back? I was thinking it would be quite neat, to have a false back/side where the water filtered through.. instead of the water residing under ALL of the bottom. Here is a link to the post Smile ... her+plants

But thats pretty much it, the last thing is really just about frogs. I would LOVE to get tadpoles, and my family is also extremely anxious to watch little tadpoles grow up into beautiful little frogs Big Grin But, I live in florida, and its starting to get cold here.. I've had reptiles before, so i'm sure it would be an issue packing. Is this an issue? or do you still use heat packs.. or can you not use them with frogs? Sad

Maybe there is someone here in florida, that has tadpoles? Or any of you that are willing to sell off a couple? Any help would be great, sorry for the lengthy post! Smile


Btw, I forgot to add, I am buying a Ultrasonic Humidifier tomorrow and converting it for the Terrarium, Do you guys recommend having a waterfall, plus the humidifer? Thanks Smile

Hello.. In my tank, I have a waterfall and a couple plants and rocks as a substrate. I find I only have to mist the tank every other day and it stays up in the 90s % humidity. The hudifier might be too much. maybe not tho.. your lid will have a lot to to with it.. I leave an inch strip along the front top of my tank open to vent.. the rest is covered.
Good luck.

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

Artie I would go with just a waterfall since in my experience the humidifiers tend to die pretty quickly. I really like the small maxi jets they are very reliable. I usually use a false bottom type setup with gravel susbstrate. Good luck George

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