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A way to catch and record frogs calling...
This is an idea I posted on other forums awhile back, so thought I'd bring it over here too.

So I have this trio of Red Galacts in my room (and 2 younger ones waiting to join them when older), and It looks like I definitely have 2 females, but the 3rd frog I'm not sure of. It's body composition is a bit different and it is a little smaller, but these frogs are several years old and I have yet to catch it calling.

A couple of times in the last week while laying in bed half awake, I have heard this buzzing noise. Sounds a bit different then the recorded calls I've I'm not sure If I have a calling male frog, an odd cricket or some kinda other bug in my room, was hearing something from outside...or it was all in my head

But I came up with the idea of checking the google apps store for a voice activated sound recording app...turns out there are several. So today I downloaded Babbler which allows you to set the mic sensitivity and has several types of recording and file options... It can be set very sensitive (and incidentally would be great for using your cell phone to bug a room only when people are speaking)

So I had it running today and just set my phone over the screen vent on the viv but didn't manage to catch that sound I heard before a couple times...did record myself sneezing and blowing my nose in the other room a few times though

...But anyways It seems more then sensitive enough to be activated by the sound of a frog call, and you can set how long it records each time it gets activated by a sound. So I just thought I'd throw this idea out there for others who are trying to catch a sneaky frog calling while you are away or in another room or asleep...or who just want to record their frogs calling. It has up to 320kps recording I think, and several quality options so I think it can do some pretty decent recording.

Anyways look up Babbler if you have an android, there looks to be several other app options and I'm sure Iphone has the same or comparable apps.


P.S. I still haven't caught any calling from my 5 :twisted:
Everything I've ever wrote is/was just my opinion Tongue
very cool Dave, thanks for sharing !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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