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Escudo/saltcreek for springs

Willing to swap juvie escudo and saltcreek for a good load of spring and isos locally. Pm me


Anyone In georgetown,roundrock,austin or san antonio willing to meet up ill let you have these juvies for a few good spring cultures

I can spare a culture for you. Mine are not crawling with springs (honestly raising mostly tincs I don't pay much attention to my spring cultures) but you can have one. I don't need any frogs. Maybe it will help to have someone meet you and see that you are not Sid in a wig. Wink

BTW is you other half lhoy/Lee? I remember you posting something on blue monitors and he mentioned he bought them on the ZK thread a while back - not too many of them around here. Just a guess ... if not, my bad.

Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata

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