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Turquoise & bronze auratus froglets -Pics
It was requested that I post some new pictures. Sorry for the quality; I'm shooting on an iPhone. They're about five months old now.

[Image: uduse2u6.jpg]

Group shot, with Four-spot on top, Splotch to the right, and Three-spot on the bottom. My early guess is that Three is male and the other two female, especially after that helpful thread about obesity.

[Image: aja4urum.jpg]

A better shot of Splotch. Those dorsal spots recently appeared (there's one on the other side). I might end up naming it Rorschach. You can't really see it in these photos but the black on all of them is turning to dark bronze. This photo also shows their true color, a lovely equal blend of green and blue.

[Image: a4u6y7as.jpg]

Three and Four hanging together. They seem to be cozying up a bit. Occasionally they share adjacent axils on the same bromeliad.

[Image: esyrutu3.jpg]

Four-spot let me open the door for a few close-up shots, which was a bit unusually bold for it.

All three will often hang out in a bare spot at the front of the viv, or sleep in the same hollow log. They seem to be getting along. The rare problem now isn't focused aggression so much as Splotch just running roughshod over someone in its way.
A girl named Joey.
I was having the worst time for hours today on the phone with medical "professionals." Four-spot decided to take this time to put on a big acrobatic display, jumping among leaves & flowers, and coming right up to look at me. It was a much-needed distraction.

[Image: e4aqe5yn.jpg]

Spent a lot of time bellied up to the glass with no worries that I got this close.

[Image: budavy6e.jpg][Image: 3e2y7e3y.jpg]

Climbed up to the very top of the viv. I took a video to get an idea of how high up it went, and managed to capture a lovely shot of it dining on a gnat. (It then took a gorgeous dive into the brom below, and totally stuck the landing.)

A girl named Joey.
Nice shots Joey! They do have quirky little personalities don't they?
Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata
Thanks Jim! They really are full of personality. It's very interesting to see how the figurative temperature of the vivarium can change from day to day. Yesterday everyone was bouncing off the walls and no one hid. The day before was totally calm with the usual small amount of hiding. I'd rather watch them than TV.
A girl named Joey.

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