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Dendrobates Leucomelas coloration ?

I will start off by thanking all of you for the degree I have earned in reading this forum on every aspect of this hobby. You just cant get this kind of education from any other source.

Now for my novice question. I was looking at some leucs to purchase, and in the pics of them, the yellow bands were solid. All the other pics I have seen of these frogs have black spots in the yellow bands. They are froglets, only a couple of weeks out of the water. Will the spots develop as they age, or are there different colored varieties of leucs.

Thanks for your reply...

most darts of the same species and even morph can be fairly variable...but there were some imported leucs i believe that were much more "banded" with little or no spots. If you get some of these and they are imports you definately wanna quarunteen them, and probably keep them and anything that comes in contact with them seperate from the rest of your collection, and treat them for parasites even.

as you said these are probably just young standard luecs and not the new imports(which are hard to get). the young ones will begin to develope the spots as the mature.

Ok, I am sure these are not the imported variety, so the spots will develop as they mature. I guess I can request pics of the parents to make sure though. Thanks for your replys!

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