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Adult Pumilio, Vanzos, Santa Isabel, and Veradero
I have a few odds and ends to part with. All frogs are cb and located in Greencastle, PA. Shipping is actual cost through SYR and I do not charge a box fee. Interested in trades for obligates I do not have.

Species - Oophaga Pumilio Cristobal
Line/Origin - 2011 SNDF
Age - 15 months approx
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 2.0 calling males
Price - $75 each
Group Prices - Take em both for $100
Preferred Payment Method - paypal

Species - Ranitomeya Vanzolinii
Line/Origin - EU
Age - 1 year approx
Quantity and sex (if possible) - (looks to be 2.1 but no eggs as of yet)
Price - $230 for the trio

Species - Epipedobates Anthonyi
Line/Origin - Unkown
Age - 3 months
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.6
Price - $20 each

Species - Ranitomeya Imitator Veradero
Line/Origin - UE
Age - 10 months
Quantity and sex (if possible) - 0.0.2 (no calling at any point so possibly two females)
Price - $75 each

Any questions, feel free to ask. I may have other frogs to trade for the right pumilio. Looking for a pair of Boca Del Drago and Escudo.
Just realized I posted a really old pic of the varadero. I will try and get group shots of everything tonight.
Veradero spoken for.
Couple shots of the vanzos and cristos.
Group shot of the vanzos finally. Hard work to pull all three. The one on the left is a calling male. The far right I am confident is a female and the middle frog can go either way. Looks female shaped and I have not seen that one calling, but can't be 100%.
One cristo and the SI are spoken for. Would do $180 on the vanzo group. Would trade for tinc pairs or thumb pairs I do not have.

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