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Is a list my past threads feature possible?
I've mentioned this in some posts I think but one forum feature that DFZ and DB have that I really like, and that becomes almost a necessity for me once I get a fair number of threads under my belt is an easy way to find those threads or other peoples threads, because I tend to link back/cross reference a lot in my posts or threads.

Finding my posts feature is nice...but if I'm looking for a specific thread from myself or another person with a lot of posts it becomes really tiresome having to wade through all the posts to find that one thread. Does this exist and I just missed it?...If not can we get it?

Dave :wink:
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not 100% sure what you mean....

If i want to find ALL of your posts, Dave, I simply click on your name and then it opens up another menu and on the right side, click "search users posts' and then it will list every single post you ever made here, chronologically, at first. There are then three other toggles /buttons at the bottom of the page that allow for further sorting - really quite an excellent feature here.

Does that help ?

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I use the "view your posts" link in the green box:
It's probably not quite what you are looking for but it is a listing of all the threads you have posted in, not just the ones you started. It's listed in order of most recent post.
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That's the better feature Jim, thanks. I can't think of any other feature that people would need or want - even that one is very sortable and searchable.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
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Guys the view your posts is nice but when you want to find a specific thread from say Phil 2 years ago with over 8000 posts, or Rich who I'm sure has 1000's of post and reference that thread or find a specific post in that thread wading through thousands of posts is impractical. Extremely handy for trying to find info that another person posted as long as you have some idea what the thread was about that info was in. So some guy talks about feeding pumilio other frog eggs. I pull his profile, list his threads, find the 1 or 2 threads on that topic and quickly find his post to reference for myself or for someone else in another thread. 123 easy as pie, off to help the next guy.

It makes finding specific threads or even specific posts so much easier. Let's say someone on DB wanted to know how to do a simple background. I pull up my profile list my threads, copy the link to my cracked cork mosaic method and post for this guy. Quick, easy, I'm done and on to the next post or thread, not wading through my 4000+ posts over there trying to find that one thread I can't quite remember the title to or wade through all my posts till I find the the one thread I was looking for.

Find your posts is great if you and/or the other person doesn't have many posts... but once you're dealing with a ton of posts a find thread option makes things a hundred times easier when it comes to referencing old threads/posts and providing or directing people to good info. If you guys haven't been taking advantage of a feature like this on other forums you've been missing out, makes life so much easier. If I wanna find a post from Phil that had good info, I just pull his threads up instead of his posts and I've got so much less to sort through, can quickly find the info I wanted, and link someone to it in a post so they can quickly find it.

Oh another nice thing is if you are looking for a pic of yours or someone elses to add to another post, instead of pulling up flickr to get your photo, their gallery or wading through all their posts to find their photo you just go to the thread and specific post in the thread, "copy image url" and paste the link in your post. Saves time.... a lot of time.
Everything I've ever wrote is/was just my opinion Tongue

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