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Proven Pairs, Groups, and Juvies
I am quickly running out of room in my frog rooms and now have to do the process of building permits and electrical inspection on my frog building(which is going to lengthen the process of getting it finished), so I am going to part with some of my extras and a couple breeding pairs to make room for more of my obligate addiction lol. Prices are negotiable and I will give volume discounts on things as well. All animals are cb unless otherwise noted. Shipping through SYR with no box charge. Local pickup is also welcome. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Species - Dendrobates Tinctorius Regina
Line - Nabors Line
Age - 14 months(male)-20 months
Quantity - 1.1.1 (believe it is 1.2)
Price - $325 for trio ($125 for extra female) These have begun to court and the females wrestle on occasion but no eggs yet. The females are beautiful orange and bright. Very exceptional, and the male is bright yellow. Pictures do them no justice.

Species- Dendrobates Tinctorius Oyapock
Line- Sean Stewart
Age- 15 months
Quantity- 1.1
Price- $275 These are very prolific. Have produced many tads over the last three months which just started morphing out now.

Species- Ranitomeya Vanzolinii
Line- EU
Age- 1 year approx.
Quantity- 1.1.1 (courting, but I have not found eggs yet)
Price- $180 for group

Species- Dendrobates Tinctorius Regina
Line- Nabors
Age- 4-6 months
Quantity- 0.0.4
Price- $60 each

Species- Dendrobates Auratus -Highland bronze
Line- Sean Stewart
Age- approx. 1 year
Quantity- 0.0.4
Price- $260 for group (would rather not split but will consider it) Much nicer in person as they are turquoise and silvery. Just hard to capture on camera.

Species- Dendrobates Tinctorius Alanis
Line- Stewart
Age- 15 months
Quantity- 1.1 (proven and been laying regularly for a few weeks)
Price- $140
I may have a few other pairs or groups available for a trade for Female Sylvatica Paru.
Sorry I forgot to post but live arrival is guaranteed. Must be picked up in a timely fashion at your local FedEx facility. Thanks for looking!
Highland auratus sold!
Everything is sold except the Regina Trio. First $275 plus shipping takes them.

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