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I just bought one dart frog, and I made a mistake..

I just bought one dart frog(mid size).
As soon as I come home, I put bark, moss, and water dish inside a tank.
And I wanted to give FFs to dart, so I opened the FF bin, and I put FFs inside the tank.

And I soon found that I made a mistake that I put more than 50ea FF into the tank.(may be 70ea more)

Is it OK??

That's probably ok. These little guys can eat a lot. It would be helpful to know though exactly what kinda dart you got, and it would be good to know the size of your vivarium and have pictures of your setup since you are new to darts so we can help you out and make sure you're off to a good start.

Everything I've ever wrote is/was just my opinion Tongue

Did you purchase supplements to use with your FF's?

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