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Free leaf litter

I went out the other day and filled 3 trashbags of random leaves off the ground. I tried to concentrate mainly on rounded oak leaves but my wife was helping too and she was just scooping up leaves by the armload (sheesh some people just don't under stand Tongue ) Anyways, if anyone needs any, their free, I just ask that you cover shipping costs for however many you want. I would also be interested in trading for Seagrape leaves and Magnolia leaves as well to add some variety to my vivs. If there's any leaves unique to Minnesota that you would like in particular, let me know and I will see what I can do. The leaves I gathered are fresh off the ground and HAVE NOT BEEN BAKED yet.


Well I already have 2 boxes packed up and ready to go for fellow froggers. And I know I'll be packing up a 3rd here soon, DUSTIN. If any of you other desert dwellers need any leaves, send me a PM with how many 1 gallon bags you would like and your zip code. Also, let me know if you will be just adding a fresh layer to the top of some vivs or if you plan on grinding it up and mixing it in with substrate for new vivs because this will really make a difference in how tightly I bag them up.


Where in Mn are you? I'm in Bloomington and a beginner, still researching which is great sport.
dean gamradt
952 500 9399

Hey Dean,
I live over by St. Paul Park, about 20ish miles away from you. There's a couple of us around this area that can help you out with stuff if you need it. Fruit fly culture crashes, helping with viv construction, plant clippings, etc. I won't be much help this weekend though (taking my stepson on his first deer hunt). But if you have any questions, feel free to fire away. Welcome to the hobby/message board.


Bumping. I didn't' realize how many people in the hobby lived in areas where leaves were so hard to come by. I shipped out all 3 full trash bags between a number of people and went out and collected two more. I still have some random boxes around the house to ship them in. The offer still stands for anyone in need of leaf litter, I think I might go grab a couple more bags just to be sure I have enough for myself to use over the next year.


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