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Canister filter for water feature

Anyone ever used a canister filter for their water feature pump? I'm going to be making a new vivarium and I have a few extra canister filters. So, was thinking instead of having the pump inside the false bottom to just great stuff in the inlet tube of the canister...sound good?

i havent used a cansiter for my vivs but i always thought itd be a great idea. i think the GPH output will be a bit much though. instead of a waterfall youd have a water torrent. smaller ones with less GPH might work.

when i tried finding posts on forums about people using these in their vivs i came up empty.

try it and see! id love to hear how it goes. maybe you can do a "dry run" of sorts before you great stuff the tubes in there.

good luck

Yea, I thought the GPH would be huge, but I can adjust the flow down as low as needed. I don't know how I would do a dry run because I was thinking of making the main fall then tiny pools made out of carved great stuff that would over flow into more pools and finally ending up back in the false bottom so kinda like a waterfall/stream. Oh, the tank is 55g so I duno how much water 2" is, but that is how full it will be with the false bottom in place.

what brand / size canister filter were you planning on using?
Depending on the size of the vivarium we are building we can usually use the Fluval 104. It is the smallest canister filter they make, and it is somewhat possible to regulate the flow on it.
Usually on tanks above a 40 gal we will use the Fluval 104, anything smaller we use the Exo Terra 501 turtle filter.
We are currently working on a vivarium that is large enough that we are using the Fluval 304.
Also keep in mind that the distance from the filter to the outlet will also influence your water flow.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts


Well, I have a lot of extra ones, but the one I was planning on using was the Fluval 404 because the tubes are too hard to use co2 reactors and external heaters for aquariums, so I won't ever be using this again for an aquarium, but thought it would make a good pump for a water feature in a vivarium.

Wow, that filter is a little too big for what you are wanting to do. I believe that filter is rated over 300 GPH, and figuring you will probably have no more than 5 gals of water in the tank.
You might check and see what you could get for your Fluval 404, and see if you could pick up a 104 for a decent price.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts


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