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Waste water disposal ?

How do I sterilize the water after siphoning it out of the bottom of my viv? Also whats a good way to siphon it out? I have about 2" of the hyrdoballs. Just wondering how everyone does it


Use 10-20% bleach added to waste water.

Use a turkey baster for'll be surprised how easy and fast it is. The water doesn't get 'stinky' really doesn't. I've had vivs with standing water in the bottom for over 5 years. It's good to have water at all times in the false bottom - helps stabilize temps and humidity.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

BLEACH! Your not trying to reuse it are you. Let it sit for a few day in a closed bucked with a good dose of bleach. There is a nifty little turkey baster looking thing meant for fuel you can find a ace hardware or other places that has a tube coming out of the top for discharge. These work great and are like 3$. No suck starting necessary.

[Image: pACE-963674dt_zpsf0c57ca7.jpg]

Sorry phil but screw a turkey baster. To much back and forth with the potential for dripping water. These things are awesome. Same principal but better engineering.

oops...I added the word 'disposal' because that's what i thought too....I don't know anyone that wants to reuse or recycle viv water.

Same thing though - it's really doesn't smell or become 'bad'. With enough microfauna and helpful tank bacteria, all is well with false bottom water. No need to fret just because it has a tannin /brownish tint to it. a' natural' !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Did you redact that word from your post Phil?

I once went to a frog get together in WI at a some what well know frogger from the boards house. While there I saw him drain water from about 4 ten gallon
" permant" tanks housing bigger frogs. He noticed a bunch of springs in the drained wanted and proved to dump that water right into his springtail cultures.

And iv seen the question about recycling viv water more then once in the last few years.

No intention to reuse the water just wanted to see how you guys got it out. I want to leave some in there its just getting pretty full. Thanks!


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