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for Sale: Isopods and Springtails

I have an abundance of various feeders right now. All insects are shipped via Priority Mail in styro boxes with heat packs. I guarantee live arrival and replace DOA cultures regardless of carrier error. Insects are shipped Mondays and Tuesdays weekly. I prefer to ship springs in substrate as I find mine do much better in that instead of charcoal. Cultures are 8 oz and shipping is generally running $8-$12 depending on number of cultures. Express shipping (for feeder emergency)is available Mon-Fri at buyer's expense.

Isos- $6 each (contains at least 25 adults plus numerous babies)

Dwarf Striped (plenty left)
Dwarf CR Purple (few left)

Springs- $5 each (numerous springs in each culture starting to produce)
Temperate White (many)
Tropical White (many)
Pink (few)

Email me at for a faster reponse.

This week through next Monday will be the last I can ship feeders until December 3rd. I will be traveling for a couple weeks during that period. I will still be able to answer emails, but maybe not right away depending what state I am in, reception, etc. Updated availability-

Isos- $6
Few Dwarf Striped left. More available when I return

Springs- $5
Temperate white
Tropical White (few left)
Silver (few left)

As always live arrival guaranteed. Shipping through priority mail with styro box and heat packs running $8-$20 depending on location and how many cultures ordered. Thanks

Updated availability since my return
Isos (all shipped in 8 oz containers with at least 25 adults+ offspring except Giant Orange and Giant Canyons which will be slightly less at around 15-20 adults plus offspring)
Dwarf White- $6
Dwarf Striped- $6
Dwarf Purprle- $6
Giant Canyon- $8
Giant Orange- $8 (few left)

Springs (8oz producing cultures are $5 and 16 oz are $8)
Temperate White

Shipping runs $10 and up. I can fit 1-4 cultures(8 oz) in small boxes, then 5-8 in the next size, etc. Price includes insulated box, heat packs, and live arrival guarantee regardless of carrier error. Thanks

Out of Giant Orange isos for now

Out of Temperate and Tropical springs. Out of Giant Orange Isos. Also, I will only be shipping feeders through December 18th, except for today, as our flights are cancelled on account of the weather. I will begin shipping again after January 6th. This is to avoid any holiday related delays and to ensure live arrival of feeders. Thanks

Shipping feeders again after New Years day. Shipping is running $10-$20 with 1 inch styro box, heat packs, and phase panel. As always live arrival guaranteed.
Isos- 8 oz cultures with good counts
D. White $6
D Purple $6
D Striped $6
Giant Canyon $8

Springs 8oz cultures
Pink $5
Silver $5

Feel free to email me

Updated Feeder List

Temp White, Silver, and Pink springtails- $5 each

D. White, D. Purple, and D. Striped isos- $6 each

Shipping is $12-$20 depending on number of cultures. Live arrival guaranteed!

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