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Divide a 20 gallon tank in half ?

Ok guys, well I have only had my frogs in my 55g for almost two months and I am ready to put a 20g together. I have several questions. I was planning on dividing the tank into two equal halves and keep about 2 frogs on each side. Is this too much ? How would you guys suggest I divide the tank ? Also what kind of misting system would you suggest? I could do it with a hand sprayer but I put a habba mist on my 55g and that has been real nice. I know this is a small tank so maybe the hand sprayer is the way to go.

Thanks for your input.


I have quite a few tanks but i don't use misting systems, i feel that if you personally go and mist the cages everyday you can keep closer eye on the little frogs, see how the tank is going, and if there are any problems, but that's just me. You should have any problems with separating the tank in the middle, as long as the frogs need the same humidity and temperature, which most darts have around the same. As for what to use for separating the tank i'm not sure, it ifs clear you might have an issue with frogs slamming into the glass trying to get to each other. I suppose if you heavily planted along the separator that would resolve the issue.

Why do you want to separate the tanks? what kind of darts where you thinking of putting in each side?


Thanks for your response, well I was thinking about getting a few leucs on one side and keep the other side for something down the road. I Already have two fish tanks and two terrariums and my room is limited. The only space that the boss (aka wife) will allow another tank is under my 20g coral propagation tank. What frogs would you suggest for such a setup?



Ant beginner frog should be good, Auratus, Azures, certian species of tince maybe, lucs, but id wait on pumillos and other thumbnails. The one thing id worry about having a dart tank under a saltwater tank is drip off, of any salt falling into the dart tank, im not sure what it would do to them, but i dont think it would be healthy. Im just stating this because of the many saltwater tanks i've seen with large amounts of salt buildup on them, But if you keep the tank clean of buildup like that it should be fine, good luck

Ok Rih,

Thanks, yea the salt creep usually does not drip off the tank so should not be a problem. I am thinking about waiting for warmer weahter before getting any frogs through the mail, maybe in the spring.

yea, id advise against getting any frogs during winter, the chance of loosing them is to great, also the added costs for the heater and special packing hurt your wallet.

We ship through the winter ( no added cost for heat or cold packs, winter or summer). It is actually safer than shipping in the blazing heat of summer many times ( Darts will survive cold temps better than extreme heat). Anyone who would like tips on shipping in the winter , I am more than willing to give some advise. I have never lost a frog I have shipped do to shipping in the winter . We are located in Michigan.....cold winters.


Ok Rich,

Well it gets a little cold over here in Syracuse, I will keep that in mind.

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