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35x17x22 Abiseo Build ideas ?
After seeing this build on FB by, I was inspired to try and create something similar for my Abiseo. I am still trying to figure some things out but I hope to get started this evening.

My tank is 35(L) x 17(D) x 22(H) and measures out to about 56 gallons, so it should be a decent platform to work with.

Anyone have a good solution for securing the slate? I am assuming grout would be best.
Dustin Y.
I don't have any better ideas than grout. Are you going to use some kind of scaffold to fix the slate to? Looks like a great concept viv. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata
Jim it seems that greatstuff works very well to attach the slate as well! I haven't quite figured everything out with the slate just yet, but for the waterfall area I simply stacked the pieces and used a bit of foam to attach it together.

My buddy Bill stopped over for a day of building and we got a lot accomplished.

Here are a few pics of what I have going on now.
[Image: 20131115_201902_zpsf9a14d7f.jpg]
[Image: 20131116_171623_zps7c2f8a57.jpg]
[Image: 20131116_211743_zpsbee83494.jpg]
[Image: 20131116_221521_zps22b2fe23.jpg]
Dustin Y.
I finished up the main foaming and carving of the stream. I think I am ready to start sealing up the foam now.

[Image: 20131117_200245_zps8bd7bfca.jpg]
Dustin Y.
Had some time to work on the tank a bit, it's coming along.

[Image: 20131130_155411_zps3c414ca1.jpg]
[Image: 20131130_183034_zps5709cc3a.jpg]
Dustin Y.
More done on the tank!

We have water! lol too much water as a matter of fact.
[Image: 20131208_164142_zpsfbd205cc.jpg]

Solved that problem and this is what I have to work with. I like it, what do you all think?
[Image: 20131208_194629_zpsd750a93c.jpg]

Had to cut this cool piece of drift wood down.
[Image: 20131208_194602_zps956dcd26.jpg]

Added back to it with one of the pieces I cut off, the other one is in the little water area.
[Image: 20131208_201750_zps50f709c5.jpg]

A few plants.
[Image: 20131208_211549_zpsfa8ace92.jpg]

Few more plants and a watering.
[Image: 20131208_212718_zps90366b0c.jpg]

Still needs more but almost there.
Dustin Y.
Looks great Dustin. Did you ever say what you were putting in there? A basseiri come to mind whenever I look at these shots Smile
Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata
Lol the title of course! My bad... Looks great!
Jim from Austin |
fantastica nominant | summersi | reticulata
Here is a short video of the tank.
Dustin Y.
It looks great Dustin. I'm going to have to give something like this a try at some point.
Thanks Glenn, I am pretty proud of this build, it is my first with an active flow of water and everything seems to be working as intended so far. I might even get my frogs in there today if I can finish up with the leaf litter and bugs.
Dustin Y.
Looks good, but I would mention that any epips/ameerga I've ever kept really seem to enjoy lots of thick vegetation and plenty of places to sit or perch on plant leaves. Maybe some smaller philodendron, syngonium, or begonia would fill in some of the darker spots and provide nice hiding spots as well as fill in the viv a bit. From what I can tell most pdf's prefer to sleep on plants off the ground. Feel free to pm me if you want some help with plant suggestions.
Thanks for the insight Craig. I do have some syngonium and philodendron to add still. I planned on adding them to the front right, front and rear left and some philo in the planters on the ledges. Every ledge has a planter in it and I have a nice philo that I think would go well that has some nice maroon color to it.

I may get in touch with you this evening and see what you think would work best from the plants that I have.
Dustin Y.
IEatBugs Wrote:Thanks Glenn, I am pretty proud of this build

You should be! A ton of work and thought went into it!
More plants and pics!

Whole tank shot.
[Image: 20131210_190212_zps90032d58.jpg]

Top left side, Cissus isn't looking so hot.
[Image: 20131210_191353_zps56b39dc4.jpg]

Top right side.
[Image: 20131210_191326_zps29aa2954.jpg]

Bottom right.
[Image: 20131210_190312_zps726fb17b.jpg]

Bottom left.
[Image: 20131210_190223_zps3ff273e9.jpg]
Dustin Y.
Very cool Dustin...all those nice easy to reach brom nurseries! I'll be back down there soon.

Hey what gives with Jon H. ?? Wherez he at ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil, appreciate the compliment!

Jon has been busy with work. He started a new place a while back and has just been swamped, he will be back soon I am sure.
Dustin Y.
Dustin, this design rocks! How many hours do you think you have into it?
Thanks Josh!! You know, I'm not really sure how many hours, I didn't keep track of time at all. I know Bill and I spent pretty much all day on it just foaming and carving. There's 4 coats of paint which took over an hour per I would say, silicone and peat mixture didn't take long as I did all of it in one day. More time spent drying than actually working on it. Maybe 20-25 hours at most, I could be way off though...either direction...

It was a fun build, a first water feature experience for me, so I hope it lasts.
Dustin Y.
I think it's going to look great once it's grown in. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures. As for the cissus, I would say that a lot of the times the big leaves die off and smaller ones shootout, it's not always the easiest to transplant but given enough time usually will get going...

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