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Breeders and probable pairs reduced price with free shipping
Am slowly getting out of the business sadly due to having a new job running a farm and caring for kids so over the next few months i will be selling my breeders and their young as the young get old enough. Im hoping things will get better to where I won't have to sell them all for i love these frogs so.
Free shipping on orders of $290 or more

Species: Dendrobate Leucomela "standard" Very Proven breeding group
Ages: 2yrs+
Lines: Brians tropicals/Nabors
Price:$350 reduced to $300
These are very proven raised babies from them to adult frogs.
[Image: breeders003_zpsdaf3a1ff.jpg]

Species: Phyllobates Terribillis Yellow Probable Pair
Line: European blood line/Stewart
Age:2 years
Quantity: 1.1
Price:$320 reduced to $290
Gotten eggs and witness male calling they just have not got it right yet.

[Image: breeders011_zps26c29097.jpg]

Shipping via UPS overnight depending on your weather to your main hub only for live arrival guarantee. payment accepted thru pay pal. Weather will determine the use of phase 22 or heat packs or both depending on your area.
Auratus, Matecho, Santa Isabels, Leucomela, Terribillis Orange, Yellow, and Mints.
Are the Leucs still available?

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not anymore they have been sold.
Ok thank you very much!

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yw, ty for asking. Smile

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