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Batkid - how awesome is SF?
Props to San Francisco for showing up big time for this kid. ... ke-a-wish/

Reported 10,000+ turned out to this Make A Wish event. Amazing. And not to mention the ambition of the Make A Wish case worker...turning SF into Gotham for a day. "Now, this is about the point when Batkid started to attract a crowd that appeared to number in the hundreds of thousands, roughly, all of them cheering on this heroic little boy, not crying not crying not crying."

[Image: BZJS442CIAA2sEy.jpg]

[Image: BZJQtTMIEAAc22x.jpg]
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yep...saw this earlier. Awesome

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yea, uhh this is awesome for this little boy...... But make a wish is corrupt as hell and the only reason i can see them doing this is for publicity.. Who really needs to be thanked is all the people and the town of san fran for doing this ... Not a corrupt Ass charity that masquerades
as helping sick and dying children.

I guess that last post makes me sound like a cynical prick, But just look them up on the Charity watch dog sites. Speak with some of the volunteers that dedicates time to the charity.

Start it off like this "This jackass on a board I frequent was telling me that your charity is corrupt as hell... " See what the response is

I only ask that you make sure that this person doesn't draw a paycheck from the charity.


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