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For Sale or trade -Male Sylvaticus Paru

I have a male sylvaticus for sale or trade. I got a probable pair a while back and it turned out to be two males. I would like to trade for a female, and will offer cash on top of my male or other frogs as well. I have located another female I will hopefully be picking up in January or so, only catch is I have to buy 2 other males with her. As hard as it is to find a single female I highly doubt I will locate 4 females, so I am offering one of my males for sale. He came in with the second batch Understory brought in. Very beautiful. Red and orange with yellow all throughout. Not muddy looking as some appear, but very vibrant. Fat, healthy, and calling. Asking $400 shipped. Also willing to trade for stuff I don't currently have. Looking for adult groups of Southern variablis, Benedicta, Green Sips, Koetari Rivers, and any of the uncommon tinc or pum morphs that I don't have really. I ship through SYR with live arrival guaranteed. Shipping window is closing and I will not be able to ship after Tuesday for two weeks. Local pick up is welcome as well. Thanks

wow...that Paru importation sure did come in male heavy. Interesting...

Beautiful colour and pattern !!!

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Tell me about it Phil. There must be 5-10 males for every female here. So far I have spoken to three people who have or have a close buddy who have bought many Paru to only get one female. Two of them got 8.1! Which is why I am parting with one of my males. Once I pick up the trio I am getting I am going to have 4 males. You can't house a bunch of males together on these and they need so much space, just a pain if I can't find 4 females, which I won't be able to. One thing I noticed is there seems to be less (at least going by all that have posted them) of these spotted ones than there are the marbled pattern. I only have seen a handful of these while I have seen probably 30 or so of the marbled. They are great frogs though. Extremely bold and out all day. This guy likes to yell at his neighbors... a group of tiny Iquitos lol

Paru has sold. Thank you

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