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Breeding help
To any of your breeders out there or anyone who has had success with their dart frogs breeding. I have to proven pairs that I have bought, O.Pumilio "Isla Colon" and O. Pumilio "saltcreek". With the Colons the male is calling a ton, but the female seems to not show any interest in him, typical females huh? haha sorry had to throw that in there. With the saltcreeks, I have a little calling but haven't really been able to watch them b/c the male is really shy. I have been misting multiple times a day. Humidity in both vivs stay around 88 and temp stays around 74 with the lights on, 70 with them off. I am just wondering if there are any tips or info anyone could give me. Just trying to get my first tadpoles. I am waiting like a little kid for Christmas. Hope to hear from ya guys.
multiple pics of the vivs would help here.

Proper egg deposition sites and tadpole raising areas are key, thus plant selection, placement ect is as important as temperature and humidity.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Here are the vivariums.
Everything looks ok...plant-wise ect. Plantings could stand to be more dense and grown in but short of overplanting, or , more plants, you'll just have to let them grow -in.

Some things to bear in mind:

1. The frogs may not be 100% male/female
2. They are still under stress and the sparse plantings are still making them shy
3. They still have to get 'used to each other' and pair up /bond

Feed a little bit heavier and make sure your supps are good. Mist often as well.

In short, breeding is sometime thought of as easy, and yet, sometimes is VERY hard to accomplish.
Only possible suggestion is black film cans in clusters of three and that's only a suggestion and by no means a tip or trick.

Good luck and patience...takes time...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Does lighting have any affect to breeding?
TonyI25 Wrote:Does lighting have any affect to breeding?

I'm GLAD you mentioned that....your vivs are sparsely planted and it DOES appear that you have some high power lighting. It's absolutely possible that your high lighting is preventing breeding. I'd cut the lights WAY down -remove a bulb ect.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
#7 HAVE to have patience. :wink:
Ok I will try to do that . They are growing in fast. Time waiting is a killer, haha. It still is fun watching these guys. Just hopefully they end up laying some eggs soon. Thanks for the help guys.

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