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Sunlight in the vivarium
I have my viv set up so that it never has to be in direct sunlight. However, my windows face west, so when the sun starts to set, it's possible for me to angle some gentle light at the viv using the plantation shutters.

I'm curious whether this is considered a good or bad thing for the frogs. It's not even close to enough sun to cause dangerous heating, and I have seen the frogs sitting in the light shafts for longish periods so they clearly don't hate it. But I'm also aware that their environment is meant to mimic the dark floor of a heavily canopied forest.

FYI, I only do this when I'm in the room and awake, so that I can adjust the shutters if the sun starts shining too directly. If I'm not actively monitoring the viv, the shades are closed.
A girl named Joey.
As long as you are sure it's not overheating.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
The only increase in the viv is levels of froggie activity.
A girl named Joey.
Joey,we use a north facing room,early sun catches some vivs,I monitored the hell out of heat,but it went nowhere scary. Do i see frogs following that chink of light like yourself,oh yeah,standing high on leg basking,yup,now is it that they want uvb,are programmed to utilize but can't get because of the glass betwixt sun and frog,who knows, maybe they just get a warm up. But something is afoot,there is a behaviour happening,triggered by the sun,and my auratus,whom i would otherwise say like lesser light,react. I watch frogs,tis my lot in life :roll: I try to steal every one else's knowledge,really hard,i'm very bad,but how much does one learn from simply,stepping back and looking and letting frog be teacher and then getting a head ache,cause the frog talks bloody yank(sorry guys,i'm jesting as always) :roll: :lol:

I'm with Phil,if you are absolutely sure on those heat levels,which I suspect move differently in the evening to the morn,then let the frogs guide you,I've monitored this long enough now, I no longer shut the blind,heat build up is not an issue to me,in OUR ROOM. But for anyone reading this,I can't stress how wary one should be of sunlight on a viv ,temps can sky rocket so quickly and spell disaster,just so quickly. This is one to not be undertaken lightly,under any circumstances!!

It will be very interesting for me to watch as our collection builds and the other vivs that get a snippet of sun get inhabited,to observe other species and how they react. We only have 4 vivs that catch that early chink of sunlight only two being inhabited at this time

Thanks for the additional insights, Stu. Yeah, I am plenty sure on the heat levels; the frogs have the benefit of a mostly housebound and often bedbound caretaker, and I check the heat and humidity at least every hour, more if the heater's on or there's sunlight on the viv. I've seen an increase of one or two degrees over a couple of hours, but nothing the frogs don't seem to enjoy as you have described. (I'll just mention again that due to my illness, I'm extremely intolerant of temperature extremes, and heat far more than cold, which is a big trickle-down benefit for the frogs.) I can absolutely see where that's an important consideration, though; I don't want you or Phil thinking I'm blowing that off.

I'm totally with you about observing the frogs and wondering what the change is about. I've fairly recently done some more hard/landscaping of the vivarium -- adding a new little hide I made from leaves and a slice of cork round, covering the decaying oak leaf substrate with magnolia leaves -- and they've definitely enjoyed that, so I think they were already more comfortable and confident when I started experimenting with the sunlight. Like you I've wondered whether their basking has to do with the less obvious benefits of sunlight, or if their amphibious little bodies just enjoy a nice gentle warm-up. Either way, between the minor revamp and the afternoon sun, I'm seeing more activity from my three than I have in a couple of months.
A girl named Joey.
Joey i can't speak for Phil ,but I'd almost lay a bet that he was more posting the concern i did,for the next new guy reading this. I did some trials it is just shocking how quick temps rise in direct sunlight and how high that temp can reach. A point being fatal to frogs happens so quickly.

Joey good luck,my other main point was to say what ever ails you i hope you mend soon,a sick lady is part of the reason we keep frogs,me darlin' can do with a bit of stable warmth too, and adores animals,she can't work but is a busy lass,so what could be better than a room of froggies 8) Me and my bright ideas huh,plants all ways a house full of feeders Shaz curator of flies :oops: and complete bloody mayhem, everywhere. Good though init. :lol: .

take care

Thanks Stu, what a nice thing to say. And absolutely, I realize all of this could be beneficial to someone who doesn't monitor their viv(s) almost 24/7 like me. I am, however, extremely glad I started this thread before our heat went out during a cold snap! Sunlight and space heater became pretty necessary for a few days! (I've moved the space heater so that it's further away from the viv and not pointed directly at it.) Now that the house heat is fixed, of course it's warmer out, but that just means I get to see all three frogs more frequently and for longer.
A girl named Joey.

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