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Hey Guys!
Hello to all! I am a new user to the Forum--not to be confused with new to the hobby--and I thought I'd bid all of those out there, Greetings from my end.

I hoping this forum is good and better than some of the others that I've seen out there.

PS Does this site have a blog thing/ can you make your own journal or anything?>
Still trying to get that part figured out. Anyways, Thanks Guys!

-TreeBear :mrgreen:
"What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us, Are Tiny Matters Compared To what Lies Within"...
Welcome to DD Mr. T. Bear !

I'm SURE you'll like it you say ? Journal ?? Those WERE features used by php forums back @ 5 years ago, but long since discontinued. We DO have a user GALLERY where ya can store all yer peectures.

Where are ya from ?


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hey Tree Bear,
Go to the photography section, start a thread with your name, and show off some of your frogs to us...NOW! hahaha, what do you have in your collection?
Welcome! Glad to have you on DD!
Jim from Austin |
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