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Viv substrate - moss and standing water ?

Do most Dart Keepers us a shallow water/moist land set up or no water - just wet substrate ? I've got a guy telling me to keep them on "wet" Spagnum Moss. I'd prefer to set up a false bottom running water deal, but I worry about keeping the substrate evenly moist.

Also, anyone use a "fogger" as opposed to a mister?


Hi Mac.
If this is going to be a temporary tank ( either quarantine or for froglets ), keeping them on damp sphagnum moss will be fine. However if this is going to be your permenant set up, I would suggest going with a false bottom, or if you are using a smaller tank, at least have a drainage layer of clay pellets (Hydroton), or small gravel. If you do decide to go with the false bottom set up you need to have about a 1/4" air pocket between the eggcrate, and the water surface. You want to avoid having your substrate staying soggy all of the time as it will sour. The darts do not have to have a water feature as long as you are able to maintain a humidity level between 80-100%, you can do this with frequent mistings, and having a glass top will also help with keeping the humidity up.
A fogger and a mister serve two different purposes. A fogger is used to increase the humidity in the tank, a mister will also increase the humidity, but at the same time it will "rinse" the environment, it helps to flush waste down to the substrate where it will be broke down and used to nourish the plants. On larger tanks we use both.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

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