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size reference of eggs
Hey I was wondering if anyone had any pics of pumilio eggs next to something to use as a size reference. I just want to know what I am looking for, how small. I am just used to see bullfrog eggs that you find in lakes here. I haven't seen dart frog eggs yet in person.
Pumilio eggs are pretty small, maybe about 1/4 size of a bb
Wow, really? That small? That is about the size of a pin head. How do you see them or differentiate between dirt and eggs?
Well many times you won't see the eggs, but are the female transporting the tad/tads.... I've seen a couple clutches but usually because they are in film cans, and were in a clutch of 5-6... And don't take my size comparison as exact it may be 1/3 or 1/2 a bb, I've never actually measured the size, but figured that would help you understand how small they really were...
Well Thanks for posting. That helps out. At least now I know what to kind of picture.
The mass surrounding the eggs tends to be more noticeable initially until tads start developing and riggling which always catches my attention during misting. Put pumilio like to deposit eggs in brom axils a fair amount in my expeperience so they can be tough to find. However, I have had plenty of frogs I never see eggs from that breed consistently. I let my Vanzos tank raise because I can never find the eggs. I put them in tanks I originally designed with pumilio in mind, and problem solved. nature takes care of itself lol. Just found my Iquitos had been raising a bunch of tads today. A few were a few weeks old and one was even in a tiny bit of water in an angled film can that also had a developing clutch in it. Pretty neat

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