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F/S -Well planted 55 Gallon Viv W/ Proven Azureus Leb PA
I've been contemplating selling this tank. It's my very first one- LOTS of time and love went into it.
The tank is sold WITH my Proven pair of D. Azureus. Lineage- Nabors.

False bottom, Great stuff back ground.
The back is completely covered with Oak Leaf Creeping fig (Ficus pumila var. quercifolia).
There are a few Bromeliads on the background, through I cannot remember the names of them any more.
The other plant that is prominent in the vivarium is Syngonioum Rayaii. There are a few small begonias in the viv, and some ferns that volunteered from the wood that is buried in the middle of the tank underneath the moss and plants.

There is NO drainage for a bulk head, I have just been siphoning water with a turkey baster.

The lids are constructed from window screen frame, and thick vinyl. I have been using this design since I built the vivarium several years ago. (Too much broken glass!) These can be easily replaced with glass lids if you would like. I just velcroed them down and no escapes have happened.

The right front corner has a small pond. Several froglets have successfully morphed from this tank, on their own. A water plant, that I do not know the name of, is in the area.

Lighting is An exo terra 2 bulb fixture. It takes 48" bulbs. If you do not want the light, I will remove $50 from the asking price.

I would like $800 for the tank, with the frogs. This is sold as a set. You may have the stand as well.
The stand is made from 2x4s and 4x4's, then covered with drywall. There is however a break in the right side of the stand where a knee went through it. So that would need to be removed or replaced.

This tank is HEAVY. I will syphon all the water that I can BEFORE pick up would occur. Please bring a truck, and help Smile

[Image: entiretankandstand.jpg]
[Image: tanl.jpg]
[Image: viewoflid.jpg]
[Image: waterfeature.jpg]
Great looking viv!
Thank you Smile I get a lot of comments on this viv. I am just looking to down size my tanks. The 55 take up a large amount of much needed wall space in my tiny house. I've got some offspring that I'm putting into a smaller viv.

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