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Vertical space to climb
Hi all,

Been reading and asking questions and am having problems finding a thread on types of frogs that would make sense for me. I have yet to buy anything, still in the reading and research phase but I know that spacewise I will be buying something in the 18x18x24 range from Exo Terra or Zoomed. With that said I will have more space vertical verses horizontal. What types of darts would make use of that kind of space. I have found that some spend more time on the ground but have yet to read which like to be off the ground. I am sure this has been gone over 100 times so I appreciate your patience.


Really depends on what you like. Thumbnails like Imiators are move vertically orientated but are small and some hide a lot. Leucomelas are the most obvious choise, very bold, use all of the space available, nice call and group friendly.
Thank you. So it looks like I have a few choices. As things get closer to complete I'll see what makes sense.
What about p terribilis?
markm Wrote:What about p terribilis?
Not climbers

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I'm a newbie and can only speak for my Panama auratus, but one of my three is a major acrobat. Absolutely LOVES climbing to the top of the canopy or the glass and leaping off onto other plants. It's gotten amazingly talented. I barely trim my plants at all so that the frog can have a literal and expanding jungle gym. It makes total and full use of those 24".

The other two don't care nearly as much so I don't know if this is a species thing or just this particular frog. With enough plants, cork rounds, and layers of oak and magnolia leaf litter for hiding, though, they don't seem to be suffering for want of more horizontal space.
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