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Happy holidays!
Sitting here watching all three of my frogs enjoying themselves out in the vivarium, I feel very happy and lucky to have these guys. It was definitely a rough start with discovering my supplies-and-info guy had done me wrong on several levels, and it feels so much better to have a small level of confidence in my husbandry now, instead of waking up every day sure I was somehow killing the frogs. I've learned so much this year, from the political barriers and problems with wild-caught frogs to successfully and continually culturing fruit flies and springtails.

I could never have gotten to the point where I can feel some pride and great affection for these three amazing creatures without the help of this place. (As much as I've wanted to keep darts for years, I really didn't anticipate how funny, charming, and altogether engaging they are!) I just wanted to thank everyone for an amazing and educational 2013, and share my very best wishes for future successes and joy in 2014.

A girl named Joey.
Agree !

Thanks Joey...I feel the exact same way about the hobby and these animals.



"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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