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Leucs and azureus breeding pairs and extra

Johnny Gobble
Sweetwater, Tennessee 37874

Dendrobates azureus
Nabors Lines
3 years old
1 breeding pair - Proven

I have had this pair for a 2.5 years. They were less than a year old when I got them. I have had multiple clutches of eggs and sold their offspring for the last 1.5 years. They are very healthy and very good eaters.

Dendrobates leucomelas
Nabors Lines
Female - 2 yrs, Male - 1 Yr, Unknown - 6 months

I have had clutches from this breeding pair and sold the offspring. The one young one is their offspring.

I am getting out of the frogs, so they are for sale.

Paypal or credit card at my office
Shipping will be actual paid by buyer on buyer preference of shipping carrier
I have shipped FedEx and USPS with success with both. Ranges from $40 -$75 depending on the carrier.

Photos on request


Hello is your pair of Azureus still available? If so How much is shipping to Virginia beach 23453. Id like to buy the pair from you. pictures would be great also. Thank you. You can reach me by email at

All frogs spoken for, thanks

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