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Custom Enclosure for EVERYONE!!
Happy New Years Everyone!!!

It has become my goal in 2014 to allow every hobbyist out there the opportunity to add some V-Scape "Custom Glass Enclosures" to their collection!

This endeavor will of course involve shipping.

I have been working with FedEx freight over the past few months and am now ready to slowly open the shipping doors. I take great pride in my enclosures and as you can probably imagine, the shipping of them is not something I would like to rush into.

At first, I would like to limit this opportunity to only 3 orders. Each shipment will be crated following the guidelines set forth by the "Packaging Engineers" at FedEx freight. As such, they will all be completely insured in the event the enclosures do not travel as well as I believe they will.

I will only be shipping via FedEx freight "LTL" so each shipment must meet a minimum weight requirement of 150lbs. With that said, I will unfortunately not be able to ship a single small enclosure.

To keep costs as low as possible, it will be best if you have a truck and are able to pick up the enclosures at your nearest freight shipping center. If you are able to do so, shipping charges will be roughly $150 + materials (styro & wood). If you are unable to pick up the crate at the hub, and additional $100 will be added to the shipping charge and they will drop your new enclosures off at your door.

I have chosen not to post this in the classifieds as I would like to allow everyone an opportunity to express any questions or concerns that they may have so that I may address them here publicly.

Thanks for reading and as always, I look forward to answering any and all questions you may have!
*** Phil, I understand the following may require you to move this thread to classifieds. I apologize for the inconvenience***

It has been suggested that I post a few shipping prices including the cost of the actual enclosures...

While I am hesitant to post prices with absolute certainty until after the first few shipments have gone out, those listed below should be a decent ballpark for now...

The following prices are for enclosures designed to fit on a standard 48"x18" bakers rack and each will be either Sherman or Euro vented.

2 vivs per shelf (22.5x17x22):

Two SHIPPED for $500
Four SHIPPED for $850

3 vivs per shelf (15x17x22)

Six SHIPPED for $1,000
Well....I am pleased to announce that several enclosures (both large and small) have been successfully shipped across country and all who received them are very happy!

With the exception of a couple pieces of door tracking that came loose, everything arrived in perfect shape. I am fairly certain I know what caused the tracking to come loose and am confident that I have a solution.

Two more shipments will be on their way within the next couple weeks. If all goes well, which at this point I have no doubt that they will....

I will be officially opening the shipping doors for V-Scape!!!

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