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Anyone shoot firearms competitively?
I just got home from taking my oldest to his hunters safety field trip. Now besides going out hunting, he can join his schools trap team. I took him to shoot clay pigeons last fall and he picked it up very quickly and loved it. I'm going to start USPSA matches for the first time this upcoming spring as well. I was just wondering if there's any other shooters in the frog world.
I used to shoot IPSC here in Canada with an occasional trip into the US for USPSA matches.

Hoping to get back into it now that my kid is getting older/bigger.

We used to come down and shoot the Area 1's.
-=< Lumpy >=-
I don't think I am half as good as her

Lumpy, that's really cool to hear. I hope you are able to start back up again. I have a Para Ordnance 1911 that was manufactured in their old factory in Canada. I just sent it in to their facility in North Carolina to get tweaked up a bit. I want to shoot in IDPA matches but the closest range for that is almost an hour drive away and the USPSA matches are at a range only 10-15 minutes away so I'm going to go with that.

Edit: Now that your kid is getting older, it might be the perfect time to introduce them to the sport! I can't wait to start in the trap/skeet leagues with my stepson this spring. Although if money will be as tight as I'm anticipating, I might just stick to the pistol league and that will have to double up as my range practice time as well. I just recently sold my beer brewing equipment and purchased an auto press so I can reload a few of the calibers here in order to be able to shoot more shots for the same price.
[Image: 004_zps2e00ba70.jpg]

Armson - Yeah that girl is a little badass. I would love to shoot 3 gun competitions more than any of the others but that involves a lot more money than I have to invest at the moment...maybe some day!

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