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Newb in LA

Hello Everyone,

Lots of good info and lots to learn! Anyone know of good places to buy frogs in or near Los Angeles? I really don't feel right about having an animal shipped!


Do a lot of research and post reading here on the forum and then PM the guys that live near LA - there are at least 5-6 here that I know of.

Better to get with a local breeder than most 'stores' or businesses.

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Hi George, I'm in L.A. as well. Actually Irvine now, but we moved from L.A. It's not at all easy to find good dart frog resources in this area. I got my three auratus froglets from Medusa LA, which I mention only because I think their supplier must be good as the frogs have grown up very strong and healthy. HOWEVER, here's my review of my experience there, so I would really only go there as a last resort or maybe even try to find out where they get their frogs from.

There is a Southern California group called SCADS, but I haven't had much luck trying to communicate with them.

This forum is a fantastic reference and as I mentioned in my review, is the place I went to unlearn everything I "learned" from that jackass. Read everything you can in the beginner forum especially. Some of it might not make super great sense until you've actually experienced it, but the advice about building vivs and care of the frogs and so forth is rock solid.

Please share any good L.A. resources you find and I will do the same! Big Grin

A girl named Joey.

Quite a few CA froggers, it can be quite less to ship frogs within a state, better than buying from pet stores...
I have shipped frogs to fellow Tx froggers and it was half as much as shipping from Tx to another state, plus less temp stress.
Perhaps a wanted ad for frogs in CA would help.


Agree with Beth on shipping. You can FedEx ground a box within a few hundred miles overnight (you should be able to get a quote); a standard insulated box cost me under $15 to ship from Austin to Dallas (~160 miles). We did some box testing back and forth 6 times and each time the package arrived the next day. I've also shipped fish to San Antonio from Austin the same way without issue. Transit time in the truck is not a big deal either with a late drop off / hold for pickup.

+1 on the want ad too.

Welcome and good luck!

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Just seen this post, sorry for the late response. I am in the area, about 90 minutes east of L.A. and am a pretty active member of SCADS. If you are interested, we have a huge get together coming up in a couple weeks where there will be some of the best frogs, plants and supplies as well as some VERY knowledgeable froggers that would love to help you learn the ins and outs of frog keeping/breeding. As of now, at least 30 people have RSVP'd so it is by far the best place to get what you are looking for. Feel free to PM me and I can get you the info you would need. Newcomers are always welcome!

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