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Raising leucs -in tank or no ?
Hi all, new to dart den and looking for advice. Has anyone ever left leuc eggs in their tank for them to raise on their own? If so did your tads attack each other for I hear the are carnivorous.
I'm also concerned about inbreeding when they get older and or trying to catch them after they hatch.
So I guess I'm asking if they should be left in the tank and are their benefits or should I pull them and try to raise them on my own?
Thanks in advance!
Hi there and Welcome to Dart Den !

Dendrobates leucomelas is a hardy and easy to raise species. Most of the more experienced hobbyists let the adults 'tank raise' the offspring, while the newer folk seem to pull the eggs and have a go that way - no right or wrong at all. The reason for the more experienced hobbyists letting them tank raise, is that they tend to have a more well-made enclosure where all the variables for egg raising success are in their favour. New-er folk, tend to overlook some elements of design and husbandry issues such as proper humidity, ect. Again, no right or wrong...just trying to give you an overview.

On cannibalism. Yes, this species will take bites out of siblings when their dietary needs are not met, chiefly lack of protein. I always recommend housing tadpoles separately -just as easy as communally, in terms of maintenance. If you have a small water feature (pond) that the adults will utilize in your tank, then you must leave them all to their 'Darwinian' fate.

In general, you want to 'up' the relative humidity in the enclosure if you wish to tank-raise. Daily hand spraying or buying an automatic misting system.

Catching froglets in the tank is not too hard. Use a clear plastic tube - an easy example is the kind they sell at Homedepot or Lowes that they ship and store fluorescent lights in. Cut about a 12" length off and that gives you one of the best frog catchers known to man.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks so much. My viv is a 38 gal tank with automatic misting system and I have a good size pool in it. This is the third time my leucs have laid clutches. The first was bad, the second one I chose to leave in but I had moved the deli lid to look at them and after that my male never went back to hydrate them. So far my third clutch looks good.
I found this one Friday night and have to touched it yet. I have tad food for their different growing stages and now just need to decide which way to let them grow.
As far as catching them their quick and there is a lot of hiding spaces but if I leave them in I'll have to be quicker.
The invisible tube is great and you can poke it into thick plants. They tend to not notice it, as it's clear. Works really well with patience on all size froggies.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Make sure you have water touching the SIDES of the eggs in the petri dish....not covering the eggs with water or they will drown.

RESIST the urge to assist and otherwise tamper with the gel and try to assist or free the tadpole from the egg - you most likely did more harm than good.

I recommend grocery store spring water -any 'brand'. NOT distilled water.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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