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drainage question -Aquarium gravel ok to use ?
Hi im new to the forum in looking at getting a couple of blue dart frogs but in gonna build the terrarium first to get it established but in wondering would normal fish tank gravel work the same as clay balls under the substrate and weed barrier
Hi there...sure, Aquarium gravel will work just fine. It will make the tank heavy though and will be tougher to clean in some aspects..but no problem overall.

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As Phil said it will work but is extremely heavy in comparison to hydroton or other options. The first viv I built was for some "blue" frogs almost 15yrs ago and i used aquarium gravel. It took two people to lift the 29gl with soil and gravel. I have no issues lifting solo the 29verts with hydroton I use today.
Trey C.
Thanks guys
You could build a false bottom with eggcrate and PVC instead of using leca/hydroton.

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