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36x18x36 Exo Terra Man Creek Viv -pics
Just thought I would put a few pictures up of my latest vivarium I built. It's a 36x18x36 Exo Terra that is currently housing 2.2 Man Creek pumilio. I have already seen 2 good egg clutches and at least 2 tads have been transported. It has a recirculating air system that you can see in the 2 ducts hanging down on each side of the viv. There is an 80mm, 3 speed computer fan housed in the electrical box on top of the viv that sucks air in from the right and blows it back in on the left. There is a screen in the center of the ducts to ensure no frogs can get in there. I need to mount some plants to try and cover it up a bit more but it's working well for now. These pics are a couple weeks old. Filled it with some nice bromeliads I got from Dane at and some orchids I got from Andy's Orchids. The ferns are from the local nursery, 1 rabbits foot and a 2nd unidentified fern. The floor is a combination of cork flat, ghost wood and manzinita and of coarse a ton of leaf litter. Seeded with springs and dwarf white and Costa Rican purple iso's.

[Image: VIV1_zpsfec66543.jpg]

[Image: VIV2_zps92bd9a98.jpg]

[Image: VIV9_zpse0154e3f.jpg]

[Image: VIV4_zps6468a92b.jpg]

[Image: VIV3_zps84bc22b0.jpg]

[Image: mancreek_zps481e8e32.jpg]

[Image: mancreek2_zpsfde83547.jpg]
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,
Very nice ! Love the huge planted wood feature.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil! I wanted to give these frogs a nice large enclosure to roam. I think the Man Creeks are one of the most under rated frogs in the hobby.
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,

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